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Every second American over 50 has problems with potency. In recent years, the number of sexual pathologies and manifestations of symptoms of erectile dysfunction in young men under 30 has increased dramatically. This is attributed to ecology, poor quality of supermarket products, stress and obesity. We decided to talk about this problem and methods of its elimination with the urologist, Ph.D., Dr. Shanon Simon.

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– Good afternoon, Dr. Simon. We want to ask you a few questions about male potency and the factors affecting it.

– Hello. I am happy to answer all your questions.

– Tell me, what problems do men most often face in bed?

– Today many patients of different ages turn to me for help. As a rule, they complain of erectile dysfunction, prostate disease, low testosterone, and problems with reproductive function. About 40% are young guys from 21 to 35 years old who also face similar problems and are looking for solutions. But there is another important nuance here. Many guys are afraid to admit to themselves or even to a doctor that they have erectile dysfunction, so they prefer to choose some alternative methods of treatment. For example, they go to the pharmacy and ask to sell them Viagra. For a few hours, such a pill can restore potency, but as soon as the action of the active substances stops, the problem arises again.

– Why does erectile dysfunction occur?

– There is no single answer to this question. Scientists name a number of factors that in one way or another affect the state of the genitourinary system and the male reproductive function. First of all, these are stress, nutrition, lifestyle, the percentage of subcutaneous fat, the regularity of sexual relations and other issues. Some men like to abuse alcohol or smoke, which negatively affects their overall well-being.

– How to avoid possible problems and what to do if they have already arisen?

– Firstly, you must definitely contact a specialist who will carefully study the problem and give some useful advice. Secondly, for the prevention and treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to use only natural and safe products.

– Can you name at least one of them?

– Sure. There is Rigorix Male Enhancement Support on sale today. This is the first natural complex capable of restoring the health of any man, regardless of his age. I feel these capsules are 5-6 times stronger than Viagra. But at the same time, the formula has retained 100% natural ingredients and is absolutely safe for health. In combination with a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, the use of this nutritional supplement will allow in 90% of cases to avoid a fiasco in bed and enjoy quality sex again.

– Description says that the product can help even in old age. This is true?

– It all depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. I have had cases when an elderly man of 65 years old asked for help. I assigned him Rigorix Male Sex Drive Pills and after 7 days he came back to thank me. He said that he could have sex again and felt young. This is, of course, rather an exception, but once again proves the effectiveness of the use of capsules.

– Can any buyer today be Rigorix buy in USA?

– Yes. This product is sold without a prescription, so you can just order online and receive it by mail or courier service. As far as I know, ordering multiple bottles can even get a good discount of up to 50%.

– And how long should a man drink this supplement? When can he expect results?

– Male Sex Enhancement Supplement has instant effect. Within 20 minutes after the first capsule, your erection will become stone and you can not be afraid of misfires in the bedroom. However, you must not relax. This is just the first step to successfully getting rid of erectile dysfunction. To obtain a stable and long-term effect, you need to take Rigorix Male USA daily for the recommended course (1 to 3 months).

– Why doesn’t Male pharmacy sell?

– It’s hard for me to answer this question. Most likely it is not profitable for pharmacies to sell such inexpensive nutritional supplements, because they cannot make a lot of money. Look at Rigorix Male price and compare to Viarga. Obviously, pharmacy owners would rather sell synthetic capsules than a real remedy.

– Given the delicacy of the goods, I wonder what the seller has with the confidentiality preserved?

– As far as I know, this is all right. Delivery comes in an opaque package and no one (not even the courier or post office staff) knows what is inside.

– Thanks to Dr. Simon. You have helped thousands of men believe in themselves and that their problem can be solved.

– It’s my pleasure. I was glad to talk to you.