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Fans of the ketogenic diet are becoming more and more every day, so we decided to pay attention to this fashion trend of recent years. How effective is a high-fat diet? Who is allowed this diet, and who should refrain from limiting carbohydrates? What is Optimum KETO weight loss pills and why are they needed? Let’s try to understand all these issues in more detail.

Evolution of diets

New trends appear in dietetics every year. Such a variety of possible ways to control food intake is caused by the constant study of factors affecting the formation of adipose tissue and metabolism. Even 20 years ago, nutritionists argued that for successful weight loss, you need to give up 90% of your usual diet and train hard in the gym every day. Then everyone realized that strict diets do not work or give only a short-term positive effect. And finally, scientists have managed to find the most versatile version of the diet, which demonstrates high efficiency with minimal stress and stress levels for the body. We are talking about a low-carb diet.

What is the keto diet?

This is one of the options of the daily menu, where fats prevail over carbohydrates, in order to increase the level of ketones and reduce the level of glucose in the blood. This is a signal to the brain, which causes it to connect backup energy sources – subcutaneous and visceral fat. Liver cells transform fat into special fatty acids and ketones, and the brain begins to use them instead of glucose. This condition is called Ketosis or, in simple words, carbohydrate starvation. This type of diet really shows high performance, especially if we are talking about people who are prone to diabetes mellitus or have a metabolic syndrome. Nevertheless, it has its own contraindications. For example, carbohydrate restriction is not recommended for liver diseases, pregnancy or lactation, anorexia, a tendency to cholelithiasis and many other diseases.

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Am I already in ketosis?

The main myth about the ketogenic diet is that it works from the first day. In fact, this is not the case. From the moment of carbohydrate restriction to the transition to ketosis, it can take from 5 to 7 days. And this is one of the main drawbacks of this food option. It is extremely difficult for many people to consume only fat and protein, but not to get carbohydrates from food. This can cause apathy, fatigue, irritability and other side effects. In this regard, scientists have begun working on the creation of special dietary supplements that can accelerate the onset of ketosis in the body and increase the effectiveness of such a diet. The first successful results were obtained by American specialists who synthesized such an organic ingredient as BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) during laboratory studies. Today it is included in 99% of all tablets and dietary supplements for the keto diet, it is considered one of the safest and most effective. Let’s look at how BHB works using the example of one of the most popular products – Optimum KETO for fast fat burning.

Optimum KETO – Description, Price, Buy, Order, Delivery

Optimum KETO description I would like to start with the information published in one of the popular scientific journals. It says that the use of these capsules helps to activate ketosis in the body after 30-50 minutes. The formula based on the Beta-Hydroxybutyrate component helps to get energy not from carbohydrates, but from your own fat. In this way, many processes are started, the result of which is a comfortable and safe weight loss.

By choosing this product or its analogues based on BHB formula, you get powerful support for extreme fat burning even in the most inaccessible places. Unlike other competitors, Optimum KETO supplement for weight loss supplies plant ketones to the body, which do not cause an increase in acetone levels. This makes it possible to see real changes in the shape of your body in 5-7 days after the start of the course.

The authors of the product claim that if Optimum KETO order and start taking according to the specified daily dose, you can lose up to 5 pounds (2 kg) per week! In fact, this is a very good result, especially if you take into account the absence of the need to comply with strict restrictions or calorie counting.

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  • It is considered one of the safest ways to lose weight, in which it is not necessary to experience heavy physical exertion or starve.
  • Optimum KETO price is approximately 2-3 times cheaper than other fat burners.

Where can I get Optimum KETO buy in USA today?

The exclusive product is available for sale only in the United States. If you are interested in Optimum KETO delivery to other countries, contact the seller or look at other products presented on this website.