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This Male Elongator penis enlargement pills review would like to start by answering the main question: does penis size matter in bed or not?

Many doctors say that from the point of view of physiology, even the length of the index finger on a man’s hand is quite enough for a woman to have an orgasm in bed. But is this really the case? American researchers studied more than 35,000 divorced couples to find out the reason for the breakup of the relationship. In 78% of cases, men cited constant quarrels and lack of mutual understanding as the reason, and more than 80% of women – lack of sexual satisfaction. The famous psychologist Dr. Stephen Johnson explains it this way: men always reach orgasm, and a woman needs more factors to reach the peak of pleasure. An unsatisfied woman becomes more irritable, which leads to family scandals and adultery. Most often, the reason for the imitation of a female orgasm is a weak male erection or a small penis size. It is not surprising that in connection with this problem, various dietary supplements are becoming more and more relevant today, promising to correct the situation.

One of the most popular recently was Male Elongator Sex Enhancement Supplement. The creators of this formula made a rather bold statement: taking capsules for 2-4 months can guarantee to increase the size of the penis and get rid of erectile dysfunction! Let’s try to understand this issue and understand if it is really possible?

Male Elongator – Description, Price, Buy, Order, Delivery

What is Male Enhancement Support OTC? This is a 100% organic dietary supplement, which contains a number of valuable ingredients in its composition. According to the seller of this product, the formula has successfully passed several stages of laboratory tests, was tested on volunteers and surpassed competitors in all indicators. In 98% of cases, after 4 months of daily use of capsules, it was possible to record an increase in the length and thickness of the penis. At the same time, none of the subjects revealed any contraindications to the use and side effects.

The secret weapon of a dietary supplement is an active formula consisting of organic components and vitamins. After carefully studying Male Elongator description, will you be able to come to an understanding of how it works? The formula contains several unique plant extracts that positively affect the function of the genitourinary system as a whole.

The principle of action of capsules:

  • Dilates blood vessels and improves blood circulation of the pelvic organs.
  • Increases energy and stamina levels in the bedroom.
  • Guarantees longer and firmer erections.
  • Increases libido and male fertility.
  • Increases the length and thickness of the penis.
  • Reduces the risks associated with erectile dysfunction, impotence, prostate inflammation.
  • Improves reproductive function.
  • Increases the level of male hormones in the body.
  • Increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

Male Elongator USA belongs to the category of dietary supplements, so you will not need a doctor’s prescription or other documents to use it. You can buy and take these capsules even for the prevention of possible sexual problems. The formula is recommended for people over 25 years of age who want to have the most solid penis and more satisfaction during sex.

For objective reasons, Male Elongator pharmacy does not sell, so you can only order the original bottle directly from the manufacturer. We recommend using the official website of the formula creator to save money and get the product as soon as possible. Please note that the dietary supplement can be supplied in different volumes – 1, 2 or 4 bottles at once. Choosing the maximum package you get an additional discount and Male Elongator price will be much cheaper.

What does it take to make Male Elongator buy in USA? You must be over 18 years old, fill out an online application form on the seller’s website. In a few minutes, representatives of the call center will contact you and inform you about further actions. Based on the information provided, delivery is carried out worldwide by mail. You will have the opportunity to receive your product, but none of the outsiders will know about the contents of the parcel. This is guaranteed by the seller.

How to use: take 1 capsule 2 times a day, washed down with water. The duration of the course is from 30 to 120 days, depending on the tasks and individual characteristics of the body. Do not exceed the prescribed daily dosage (this will not speed up the process). Before using any dietary supplement, consult with a licensed specialist.

Disclaimer: The review is provided for review and cannot be used as an alternative to prescribed treatment or expert opinion. In order to get Male Elongator order, contact the seller by visiting his official web page right now. Link in the description.