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βœ” BHB works almost instantly to help support ketosis in the body by Burning FAT for energy.
βœ” It is an easier energy source for the body to use up.
βœ” Currently with the massive load of cabohydrates in our foods, our bodies are conditioned to burn carbs for energy instead of fat.

Hello! If you are tired of fighting and being overweight and want to finally find an effective way to solve this problem, read this article to the end. In it, we decided to share an excerpt from an interview made in early 2020 in Vienna. In it, renowned nutritionist Ashlee Cameron answered frequently asked questions about weight loss and talked about the new product Keto Advanced for fast fat burning.

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– Hello Ashlee. We are very glad that you took the time in your busy schedule to chat with our readers.

– Hello. I am always happy to help all women who have suffered from obesity problems for many years.

– We all know well that excess weight spoils the figure and negatively affects female attractiveness. But how does it harm your health?

– One of the biggest misconceptions of people is that they perceive excess weight solely as an aesthetic problem. But in the first place it is dangerous to health. Doctors all over the world talk about this. Overweight people have 15-20 years less life expectancy than thin people. Moreover, the likelihood of diabetes mellitus is 78% higher, stroke by 80%, hypertension by 85% and infertility by 60%.

– Yes, it’s awful. But why do we gain extra fat?

– Fat is the strategic reserve of our body. Nature has laid this mechanism for the conservation of energy in all mammals. In ancient times, thanks to the fat reserve, many people could live in a period of long absence of food and the search for it. But the modern world has changed. Today in our country the vast majority of people have no problems finding food – you can buy it in any store. As a result, it turns out that we eat more than we expend energy. Please note that more than 85% of professions are associated with a sedentary lifestyle. As a rule, this is an office job or one that does not require heavy physical exertion. As a result, it turns out that we become hostages to our own lifestyle and propensity to overeat.

– What new methods of losing weight are used today?

– In 2020, the world’s leading nutritionists are giving preference to the ketone diet. This method of burning fat is one of the most effective and allows you to achieve your goal without additional stress and restrictions. In short, the essence of this diet is very simple: a decrease in carbohydrates, an increase in fat and protein in the diet. If the deficiency of carbohydrates is maintained for 4-7 days, ketone bodies begin to form in the body. They break down excess fat and convert it into energy. However, I would not be in a hurry to recommend this method to my clients. The fact is that refusing carbohydrates can cause side effects in the form of loss of strength, loss of performance and apathy. Try Keto weight loss pills instead.

– This is some kind of another fat burner?

– No, I wouldn’t say that. Keto supplement for weight loss is radically different from what is available on the market today. The essence of this dietary supplement is to replace the synthesis of ketone bodies in the liver with raspberry ketones. Thus, the body starts a similar process of burning excess fat, but within 30-40 minutes after taking 1 capsule. You don’t have to wait a week to get noticeable results. The next day, the weight will begin to decrease and this process will become constant throughout the course.

– While listening to your answer, I found Keto description on the official website. It suggests that the product is best paired with a ketogenic diet. Is it so?

– In general, yes. By combining the recommendation for a low-carb diet with these capsules, the benefits will be achieved even faster. But if for health reasons you cannot give up carbohydrates, I still recommend Advanced order. Even while maintaining the usual diet, the Keto Advanced will help speed up metabolism and remove toxins.

– And if there are any clinical studies confirming the effectiveness of Keto Advanced USA?

– Certainly. The product Advanced Formula has undergone many different clinical tests and is proven to be safe. The average weight loss in the test people was 17.6 kg per month. But I can give you my numbers. I have had several clients who decide to buy in USA and take these capsules. Within 4 months, one of the clients managed to lose 45 kg, and the second woman was able to lose weight from 105 kg to 55 kg.

– Sounds like fantasy.

– Yes, it’s hard to believe in the effectiveness of a product until you try it yourself. I have over 20 years of experience as a nutritionist. I responsibly declare that this product will help every woman to change herself and her body! But I’ll add right away that Keto pharmacy does not sell. The product can only be ordered online.

– It is probably very expensive, since it is so popular and effective?

– Not at all. Initially, capsules were expensive. But as far as I know, the manufacturer now offers a 50% discount price. That is, you will have to pay a small amount for 1 package. Compare with the cost of liposuction or other procedures and you will see the difference. By the way, Keto delivery is carried directly to your home, which means you do not need to go somewhere or search for a product in the shops.

Types of Advanced Keto diets:

  • Classic. In this diet, up to 75% of calories should come from fat, about 5% from carbohydrates and the rest from protein. As a rule, we are talking about a diet for medicinal purposes, prescribed by a doctor for one reason or another to the patient.
  • Modern. A softer and more loyal diet that allows you to consume up to 1.1oz of carbs per day.
  • Sports. It has a lot in common with the first two species, but still differs in certain features. Because of the need to maintain high levels of strength and endurance, athletes with a limited carbohydrate intake may have problems with low glycogen. To compensate for these losses, you need to increase your protein intake and maximize your diet.
  • Vegetarian/Vegan. This is a diet for people who cannot consume animal protein foods. To compensate for energy losses, it is recommended to combine various options with nuts, flaxseeds, low-carb fruits and vegetables. Excellent sources of protein are lactose-free vegetable milk and products based on it.
  • Lazy. With a lazy keto diet, you are allowed to eat almost any food, but monitor your carbohydrate intake throughout the day. This is one of the easiest ways to lose weight, as you will have access to a variety of delicious dishes – fried steak, bacon and eggs, cheese and different types of fish.

It is recommended that you consult with a specialist before drawing any conclusions regarding the most suitable nutritional option for you. Always remember that when the keto diet and this Keto Advanced dietary supplement interact, you have a great opportunity to lose weight while maintaining your health. It is an ideal solution for people who are tired of persistent obesity or overweight problems. Try a Keto product that has helped millions of people around the world and is already available to every customer in our country advanced keto.