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Foot health care is an important component of comprehensive health support at any time of the year. Choosing the right footwear, regular foot and nail hygiene, and timely response to emerging problems are important tasks that must not be forgotten. Itching and peeling of the skin, deformation or darkening of the nails, and an unpleasant odor from the feet are the first signals of infection with a fungal infection. Many people underestimate the danger of this dermatological disease, considering it a purely aesthetic problem. Unfortunately, nail fungus can quickly develop and aggravate the course of the disease if it is not addressed in time. Today, in any pharmacy you can find a wide range of different sprays, ointments or creams for the treatment of onychomycosis. How to choose the most suitable product?

In this overview, we’ll take a look at Derma Progenix anti aging product. This is a 100% natural formula that has the ability to completely suppress all types of fungal infection, and also effectively repairs damaged skin of the upper and deep layers of the epidermis. Separately, I would like to highlight the ability of the ointment to restore the structure of the nail plate and increase the immune response.

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Nail or foot fungus never goes away on its own! Any ignorance of this disease or wrong treatment only aggravates the situation and can lead to serious consequences. As soon as you discover the first signs of a fungal infection, immediately seek the help of a dermatologist. With the right approach, you can quickly and effectively get rid of the fungus at home, without expensive procedures, without a course of antibiotics and surgery.

Derma Progenix description:

Leading American, European and Asian dermatologists unanimously call this product one of the best natural remedies for fungal infections. The cosmetic formula helps to completely suppress dangerous symptoms (itching, skin irritation, flaking, inflammation and redness) after 1-2 procedures from the moment of the first application. Made entirely of plant extracts, oils and vitamins, the product gently moisturizes and repairs chapped heel skin, eliminating the cause of unpleasant odor (increased sweating). This way, you get naturally restored nails and feet, and you can also be sure of protection from recurrence in the near future.

What’s the secret of Derma Progenix USA? It is the perfect blend of natural ingredients and the latest in clinical research. The cream contains Vitamin E, Farnesol, Essential oils and beneficial antioxidants. Already after the first application, the cream penetrates deeply into the skin, providing a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Thanks to the right combination of ingredients and trace elements, the condition of the damaged tissues will improve every day and ultimately you will be able to get rid of the disease in just 1 month.

How it works:

  • Blocks the ability to multiply bacteria and infections.
  • Destroys fungal spores of any type and location.
  • Has a disinfectant effect.
  • Relieves inflammation, itching, flaking.
  • Restores healthy skin and nail structure.
  • Normalizes the work of the sweat glands and blocks the unpleasant odor from the feet.
  • Supports the immune system against re-infection.

Want to hear a dermatologist’s opinion on Derma Progenix anti wrinkle formula? In this case, we suggest reading what a well-known specialist, Dr. Weinstein, writes about this cream:

A fungal infection can spread rapidly and infect new healthy skin cells in a matter of days. The big problem is that at an early stage, the disease is asymptomatic and difficult to recognize. If you are faced with such a nuisance and want to effectively get rid of onychomycosis at home, I recommend choosing natural creams or sprays based on herbal extracts (no steroids and no antibiotics). I think Derma Progenix for skin care is one of the best at the moment. According to leading foreign experts, the cream really defeats a fungal infection, and not just the symptoms of its spread. You have a good chance of avoiding relapse problems and protecting your loved ones from infection. You definitely need Derma Progenix order and use it for prevention if at least someone in the family has a fungus.

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